ONHP at the SIM-2018 start

Being on a course to win under the guidance of Igor Zuga, company CEO, ONHP team became one of the biggest at XXIX Siberian International Marathon (SIM 2018). More than 100 company specialists and members of their families took part in different marathon distances. Before the start acting Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov gave ONHP athletes an encouraging speech.

ONHP is an active participant of the Siberian International Marathon for more than 15 years. Annually, before the SIM start ONHP departments conduct special "warm up": in this way they compete for the title of the most harmonious, amicable and sports-oriented division, present their creative performances like dances, team fight songs and fervent shouted slogans for the attention of impartial judges. So this year, before entering the marathon start, the company's specialists held a traditional "warm-up".

After receiving a boost of energy, high spirit and optimistic mood, ONHP runners came to the “ready” position and took the first rows among running men as it always has been. The team was traditionally headed by Igor Zuga, who annually participates in the marathon and sets the example to inspire his colleagues. This year, he was joined by acting Governor of the Omsk Region. Alexander Burkov participated in the Siberian International Marathon together with ONHP specialists, who chose the most “populous” distance with the length of three kilometers.

Totally, XXIX SIM-2018 gathered more than 100 specialists of our company. In addition to the distance of three kilometers that is most in demand, ONHP engineers ran 10, 21 and 42 kilometers. The youngest ONHP "marathon runners" are 2 and 4 years old.


06 August 2018