An annual corporate volleyball tournament was held in ONHP, where 5 teams, namely  “Civil engineers”, ”Planning victory”, “PVK Project”, “SAMI” (Society of Active, Merry and Initiative) and “Engineers Mix” faced each other at the court. Competition for the title of the best ONHP volleyball team was a really big deal.

08 May 2018

The first meeting, initiating “Generational bridge” cycle, was held in ONHP with Mr. Vyacheslav Khabibulovich AKAEV, a company long-service employee and gold nominee whose name is written in company Honor Book. The event was attended by company Project Chief Engineers, specialists, long-service employees and students of partner universities. Nobody was left untouched by this meeting: for ONHP veterans it was a great opportunity to recall years of teamwork while for current ONHP employees and students it was invaluable professional experience.

28 April 2018

It is a long-standing tradition for ONHP to hold annual personnel meetings aimed at summarizing work results and this year was not an exception. We resumed the achievements of 2017 and announced perspective plans of key business areas development. As highlighted by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, increase of work quality and efficiency as well as high responsibility level of each and every employee are the foundations stones for further successful growth of the company.

25 April 2018

ONHP specialists got a chance to try themselves as students of Executive МВА, an international business school, delivering training for all key company management processes and ask questions to Skolovo Business-School Expert, Member of ONHP Board of Directors, Chairman of Strategy Committee, Mr. Alexander IDRISOV.  

23 April 2018

ONHP employees, departments and project teams were awarded based on the results of work in 2017. Main criteria for the rating were high performance characteristics, work efficiency and quality.

21 April 2018

ONHP took part in an international campaign called Total Dictation. Three hundred attendees eager to check their literacy level gathered at closed ONHP platform. Campaign participants included company employees and members of their families, university and high school students closely collaborating with ONHP.

16 April 2018

ONHP successfully undergone certification audit and received certificates of compliance with ISO 9001:2015 "Quality management systems. Requirements", ISO 14001:2015 "Environmental management systems. Requirements", OHSAS 18001:2007 "Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. Requirements" standards requirements. Now ONHP is aiming at development and implementation of an integrated management system to meet new requirements of relevant international standards.

11 April 2018

ONHP will participate in international campaign called Total Dictation to be held on April 14, 2018. ONHP will host this event and provide a closed platform annually considered one of the most numerous in Omsk. Dictation will be read by candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Theoretic and Applied Linguistics of Omsk State University n.a. F.M. DOSTOEVSKY (OmGU), Mrs. Elena A. NIKITINA.

29 March 2018

ONHP Young Professionals Council established a Mentorship School for university students working in ONHP part-time. Next 3 months they will get acquainted with all the tricks of mentorship and will learn how to communicate with teenagers, how to inspire and motivate them, how to pass experience and teach the basis of engineering profession. ONHP students will have an opportunity to show themselves as supervisors in the course of June and July summer on-the-job-practice conducted for Omsk high school students.

28 March 2018

Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO conducted a meeting with university students working part-time in ONHP. In the spotlight of the meeting were such fundamental questions as: What is determining personal success? What factors influence personal development? What principles should be adhered to in order to be one step ahead and anticipate external changes? As noted by ONHP Students Council chairman, Mr. Vladislav CHECHULIN, the meeting significantly changed the way of thinking, forced to look from a different view at education process, professional skills development and endless inner opportunities.

23 March 2018