ONHP announced successful completion of the first season of school students on-the-job-training. Training participants had a unique opportunity to experience company activities, get to know about engineering profession performing complicated tasks from various department and students supervisors. There is no doubt that acquired knowledge will help them chose future profession. The last but very important part of the training was “First Steps into Design Technology” conference.

It is a long standing tradition to finish the practice with academic and research conference, which is a great chance for practicians to demonstrate knowledge obtained from their supervisors in the course of the training. Every time the sphere of such graduation activity is different. This year the students made First Steps into Design Technology of ONHP Office Buildings, having demonstrated their suggestions for First Aid Office revamp, upgrading of museum and corporate university developed as 3D Models.

The training was full of diverse activities. In addition to engineering profession experience, the students tried their best and demonstrated specific skills in various contests: mind games (Go game tournament), creativity competitions (Poems Readers Contest) and sport battles (Sport Races).

As a result of the training the students always share opinion about the practice by means of writing essays. As noted by Mr. Alexander MAIDANETS, a student of state funded educational institution high school No. 84 “it is not easy to work in ONHP, but you cannot develop without completing difficult tasks. This company gives a wonderful chance to determine your future profession. In the end of the practice I understood that the experience I obtained is priceless. I would like to thank all employees that they give us an opportunity to try ourselves as real professionals. Such opportunity is invaluable”. 


04 July 2018