ONHP and SUEZ strengthen cooperation

ONHP and SUEZ signed Memorandum of Understanding. Mr. Igor ZUGA, ONHP General Director Ad Interim, and Mr. Samuel FOURNEAUX, SUEZ Business Development Director for Europe and CIS, affixed their signatures to this document. The parties expressed their intents to extend their joint activities and agreed to develop cooperation, including introduction of advanced technologies in the practice of industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation, CIS and other foreign countries.

This Memorandum resulted from the effective communication between two high-tech companies and it is the next step towards cooperation development. The MoU signing was initiated by the French company which is equally interested in the partnership. As of today ONHP is one of the leading Russian engineering companies with powerful scientific and engineering capability. Profound competences of ONHP’s specialists and its material and technical resources enable the company to implement the most challenging and ambitious projects not only in Russia and CIS.

“ONHP’s strategic goal is to actively enter the international market. Today the company develops new sectors expanding the range of delivered services. Russian-French partnership is not a simple exchange of competences or a method to achieve business targets of two companies. Such alliances enhance status of the region. SUEZ is our reliable trusted partner. Together we deliver projects which provide ecologically safe future for the region and Russia in general” said Mr. Igor ZUGA after MoU signing.

“Signing of our cooperation agreement is not only the result of several jointly delivered projects, but also a demonstration of deep mutual respect and great confidence. I am sure that our companies will have long and fruitful relations – highlighted Mr. Samuel FOURNEAUX - We will cooperate not only in Russia, as long as ONHP is an international company with global experience. SUEZ reached a new level of professional transparency and human openness strengthening the Russian-French relationship even more”.

08 February 2016