Realizovani projekti

Rosneft – Komsomolsk Refinery

The modernization program for the Komsomolsk Refinery was begun in the late 1990s. By 2007, the oil refining depth was at 60%.

JSC "Gazprom Neft-Omsk Refinery"

On October 24, at the Gazprom Neft-Omsk Refinery, the diesel fuels hydrotreating plant with the capacity of 3 million tons was commissioned for operation. The diesel fuels hydrotreating plant designed by ONHP was commissioned for operation.

Gazpromneft – Omsk Refinery

In autumn 2010, the largest isomerization plant for “Izomalk-2” light petroleum fractions began operations. The plant is recognized as the largest in Russia with the capacity of 800 000 tons of isomerizate per year, and is one of the three most powerful plants of such kind in the world.

KazMunaiGas – Atyrau Refinery

The complex for deep oil refinement, consisting of 16 plants, was designed; new plants, such as: gasoline hydrotreatment, diesel fuel hydrotreatment and deparafinization, isomerization, amine gases