Today, on August 17, 2018, ONHP started the second phase of an international educational project aimed at Omsk region teachers professional development. Following the leaders of educational institutions, 80 city and region school teachers sat at their desks. For 2 days the coaches of Educare International Consultancy will be conducting series of trainings called "Effective methods of XXI century skills development". The teachers will be able to apply acquired knowledge from the beginning of the new academic year.

17 August 2018

Today on August 16, 2018 ONHP announced successful completion of the first phase of an international educational project aimed at Omsk city and region headmasters and teachers professional development conducted by Singapore-based company called Educare International Consultancy. Omsk city and region headmasters as well as representatives from the School for Advanced Studies (IRO), 88 participants all together, received the certificates confirming the mastery of methodical leadership program module.

16 August 2018

Today the large-scale regional educational program for the professional development of teachers and headmasters from Omsk and Omsk region has been set up in ONHP. From August 13 to August 18, Educare International Consultancy tutors from Singapore will hold the first training seminars for teachers, school counselors and headmasters of educational institutions. Tatyana Dernova, the Education Minister of Omsk Region, called the idea of Igor Zuga, ONHP CEO, to realize this educational project in our region "the greatest initiative". 

13 August 2018

On the Russian Builder’s Day eve, Omsk government honored the best workers of the construction complex. In celebration of the professional day, Certificates of Appreciation and Letters of Thanks were received by ONHP specialists. Among the awardees are Yury P. Melekhin, Construction Supervision Department Head, Alexey A. Arkhipov, Project Economics Group Leader, Svetlana A. Marchenko, Chief Specialist of the Civil Engineering Department No. 1.  

11 August 2018

Starting from August 13, tutors of Singapore's Educare International Consultancy will hold trainings for Omsk teachers, school counselors and headmasters. During one week they will conduct different seminars and sessions.

09 August 2018

Being on a course to win under the guidance of Igor Zuga, company CEO, ONHP team became one of the biggest at XXIX Siberian International Marathon (SIM 2018). More than 100 company specialists and members of their families took part in different marathon distances. Before the start acting Governor of the Omsk region Alexander Burkov gave ONHP athletes an encouraging speech.

06 August 2018

XIV All-Russian Contest for the best design and survey organization of the construction complex in 2017 was finished. Based on the results of the Contest, ONHP was awarded the 3d degree Diploma.

03 August 2018

Omsk school students came through ONHP practice with flying colors. Summer working season was covered over by The Scientific and Technical Conference, where our young colleagues presented and defended their first projects. Schoolchildren, who earned the highest score, received special certificates that give them the right to return to ONHP for practice outside the competition when they will become students of universities.

03 August 2018

Based on the results of work in 2017 ONHP is acknowledged to be among the contest winners and is top-ranked in engineering sphere.

02 August 2018

Afipsky Refinery Ltd. delegated General Design functions to ONHP, strengthening cooperation with New Stream Group which are actively revamping their assets. 

27 July 2018