ONHP will participate in international campaign called Total Dictation to be held on April 14, 2018. ONHP will host this event and provide a closed platform annually considered one of the most numerous in Omsk. Dictation will be read by candidate of Philological Sciences, Associate Professor of Theoretic and Applied Linguistics of Omsk State University n.a. F.M. DOSTOEVSKY (OmGU), Mrs. Elena A. NIKITINA.

All company employees and members of their families, high school and university students collaborating with ONHP will get a chance to check literacy level at ONHP platform. It is expected that this year about 400 people will participate in this event.

In the Year of Jubilee, once again, the company can not only confirm their deserved status of one of the most numerous city platforms but also demonstrate high level of employees’ literacy.

You can already start preparing for dictation to demonstrate good results. It is well known that the author of Total Dictation 2018 is a Russian author, Mrs. Guzel YAKHNINA.  She wrote 3 abstracts called “Morning”, “Day” and “Evening” telling about one day of German literature teacher. Even though you cannot read the text for the dictation you still have a chance to get a closer view on author’s style and read her works. All the stories are available free of charge.

Moreover, every Friday you can attend free lessons aimed at refreshing your knowledge of Russian language held in OmGU. ONHP specialists can also meet a situation head-on and get prepared for literacy check. Such training sessions are held in OmGU at 55/2 Mira Street, Office No. 220.  

29 March 2018