ONHP, Sports and the Siberian international marathon

On August 12, 2012 there was held an unforgettable sports event combining two sports formats, the traditional Siberian international marathon in Omsk and the “Same day, same hour” marathon, confined with the 30th Olympic Games in London. Thousands of joggers and many supporters met in the square at the Legislative Assembly building waiting for the start. Gigantic screens placed in Cathedral Square represented the real picture of the Olympic run. The moment when in London the marathoners stood in front of the starting line the runner took the same position in Cathedral square in our city. The signal announcing the beginning of a long-waited marathon was almost simultaneous with the Olympic one. Many employees of ONHP took part in the Siberian international marathon. Nor the abnormal heat, nor the burning sun, nor the wind could stop our members and they finished it happy and smiling. A big group of supporters from ONHP gave an active support to our runners with their banners, shouting and cheering. It was noticed that our group was the biggest and the most active one compared to those of other organizations. A big part of the supporters’ team was constituted by the employees’ children. The daring employees of ONHP toed the starting line and covered the distance of the Siberian international marathon conquering kilometres of the road like the runners in the capital of the 30th Olympic games in London did. Everybody was smiling, having fun and courageously completed all trail distance and that brought a positive atmosphere to our evening event dedicated to the Siberian international marathon. Our employees showed great results running the trail with the Company’s motto “Sports, health, intelligence, it is all about ONHP”. No, we did not win but what a great dose of fun and pleasure we got from this marathon. In the end, it is not the winning, it is taking part! After getting their breath and having some rest everybody started sharing their emotions they experienced doing that great deed on that hot Siberian day. Following the tradition of the health day all employees refreshed themselves with some sweet watermelons and melons. The annual show of the Company’s departments featuring the department teams representing their festive programme including acting, banner designing, singing and dancing became an integral part of the event. The creative ideas, plans and inspiration used in the preparation of the show by each team were amazing. The real talents! The teams show was judged by impartial juri which was not afraid of giving bad and good points. The audience gave a passionate support to the show given by their colleagues working in other departments. We also should mention that on the marathon day the initiative “The Health Team” is usually held. The integration technological and automation department won the “Healthiest Department” nomination. At the end of the corporate event the employees who distinguished themselves got useful prizes as keepsakes. Sports and the positive team spirit put all the marathoners in a good mood for the rest of the day and we hope for all the next week.

22 August 2012