ONHP members check their literacy rate

Annual educational event Total Dictation was held at ONHP. More than 200 people took part in it. Among participants there are ONHP staff members and their family members, ONHP-based faculties’ students, and students from schools patronized by ONHP. This time text of dictation was read by Prof. Larissa O. BUTAKOVA, Dr. habil., Philology (Doctor of Sc.), Head of the Russian Language Department at the Faculty of Philology (Omsk State University). By tradition Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, wrote the dictation with the whole company body.

ONHP participates in all-Russian educational event Total Dictation every year from the moment of its establishment. Among all Omsk private (staff-members only) dictation platforms, ONHP holds leadership in participants number and thus is fairly rewarded with certificate of honor as the Most Consolidated Company.

Total Dictation became a heart-warming tradition for ONHP: company specialists invite their family members and friends to write the dictation together. Over recent years ONHP-based faculties’ students and students from schools patronized by ONHP got the opportunity to write the dictation in the company.

For those who participate in the Dictation it means much more than just checking grammar knowledge; competitive spirit of the event is a great motivation to go on and improve previous achievements. According to the statistics the Dictation results become only better over the years.

11 四月 2017