On December 07, 2019 ONHP will host Research & Engineering Technology Conference “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – INNOVATION DRIVER” (youth section). Young professionals of ONHP and other companies, young scientists, Master's & Bachelor’s Degree Students, representatives of universities and schools are invited to attend this event.

 The conference will start with a plenary session related to the most vital questions of digital technologies integration in industrial sphere and business-processes efficiency increase in the conditions of digital transformation. Discussions will continue in such thematic sessions as “Digital transformation”, “Oil & Gas. New Production Technologies” and “Ecological Engineering”.

Young innovators works will be reviewed and evaluated by professional experts including representatives of the leading Omsk industrial companies, universities and scientific societies.

ONHP corporate university is the conference organizer.  For more detailed information regarding the conference please ref. to a special section at ONHP official website

17 October 2019