Why English?

High school students attending ONHP School-University-Company internship for the first time are wondering why the English subject is in the curriculum. 

Nowadays, mastering technical English is a competitive advantage and an extremely valuable skill ensuring the first step towards future success and great achievements. It is a must for an engineer to have an advanced level of foreign language knowledge in the set of professional competencies.

ONHP as an international engineering company is sure that most engineering professions will be unreachable without technical English basics. Proficiency in English is one of the keys to future promotion.  ONHP helps students find new opportunities and improve English skills. That is why technical English is a mandatory component in the School-University-Company program.

In the course of internship, children enrich their vocabulary for over two hundred engineering and construction terms, improve their knowledge of grammar and get rich experience of speech practice, learn the basics of business etiquette and international requirements to written and oral communication and negotiation. They also have a unique opportunity to meet ONHP foreign partners and get an unforgettable experience of live communication in English with top managers of the world's leading companies.

31 August 2021