We Teach a Fundamental Approach to Decision-Making


As part of the Staff Competence Development Program that is being implemented by ONHP Corporate University, Mr. Igor M. Zuga (PhD in Engineering), ONHP Chief Executive Officer held a workshop called “Principles of Spatial Modelling as a Basis of Engineering Brainwork” attended by recent graduates, bachelor’s degree holders and master’s students who work flexible hours for the company.

In the course of non-directive conversation with the audience, the CEO was reasoning upon the importance of visual conceptualization of an object-to-be in a very start-up stage, upon the importance of planning and spatial solutions, their interconnection and relationships to the project implementation, as well as upon the role of critical engineering brainwork and the relevance of artificial intelligence in project realization.

The workshop presented the intellectual property of the company – ONHP OptiPlant,  a home-made software product developed by ONHP Digital Transformation Department specialists. The software product allows to get optimized solutions for units layout within the construction site, options for interconnection layout and much more. ONHP OptiPlant has been tested under the real project conditions. The participants of the workshop were asked to compare and decide which of three general layout options to be optimal.

In wrapping up there was a brainstorm for four teams that resulted in a number of new out-of-the-box ideas for functional zoning and usability of a given area, taking into consideration certain factors, among which safety to be the top priority.   

Employees about the event:
  We are from the Inter-Discipline Engineering Department and we have had a unique opportunity to take part in the desk studies and practical training, which were conducted by Igor M. Zuga, ONHP Chief Executive Officer. The subject of the workshop “Principles of Spatial Modelling as a Basis of Engineering Brainwork”  is relevant for engineers of all disciplines since spatial thinking is of key importance in project design. Frankly speaking, absolutely everything is important indeed: functionality, usability, geometric parameters of the area and many other factors.

The lecture was full with cases being taken from the realized projects that made it possible to get deep into the multiple details of spatial modelling. We hope that such workshops (together with brainstorming and live discussions) will be held in future and more than once …


06 November 2020