Summing up the 2020 Translation Contest

Within the framework of the XI Sci-Tech online conference “Engineering 4.0 Petroleum Chemistry, Oil Refining and Information Technology”, the results of the Contest for the best translation of the technical text-2020 among the students of higher education institutions and general education organizations were summed up. The topic of the Contest in 2020 is OIL & GAS STORAGES.

In 2020, 75 contestants took part in the Contest, including:

38 school students of 10 general education organizations of the Omsk city and the Omsk region;

29 students of higher education institutions: 16 students  of linguistic specialties, such as “Translation and translation studies”, “Teaching English in middle and high school”, “Theory and methodology of teaching foreign languages and cultures”, 13 students of non-linguistic specialties of higher education institutions in different cities: Omsk, Tomsk, St. Petersburg.

Traditionally, ONHP employees and representatives of outside companies and partner organizations took part in the Contest. The results of the Contest for this category of contestants will be announced at the annual general meeting of the ONHP’s staff.

The ONHP Expert Commission has carefully studied all the translations received and carried out an objective assessment on a point system from the standpoint of compliance with the basic principles of translation: adequacy, terminological accuracy, compliance with the norms of the Russian language, as well as style and creative approach to presentation.


02 December 2020