A Special Treat for ONHP Anniversary: ESD-2013

On December 20, 2013 ONHP hosted an annual ONHP English Speaking Day. The main target of such event was to summarize all highs and lows of the expiring year and to announce the winners of ONHP Translation Contest for “The Best English to Russian Translator in Oil and Gas Engineering” (among ONHP Employees).

The practice to conduct ONHP ESD dates back to January 18, 2011 when the first ONHP English Speaking Day was launched. Since then it became a heart-warming tradition for company employees. As a rule, the achievements of English Language Learners are being announced during this event. ESD Supervisors make presentations and reports, announce implemented goals and declare objectives for the coming year. ESD Supervisors monitor the progress of each and every English Learner and of the group in general. The ones who managed to succeed and make a breakthrough in English learning became the pride and dignity for their colleagues.  

ONHP ESD-2013 was held on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. The agenda of this event included the Summaries of ESD-2013 in ONHP Structural Subdivisions and Alterations in 2014 Employees Pre-Qualification English Test Structure. ONHP ESP Coaches and ESD Supervisors selected from a range of Young Professionals with advanced English level and willing to share knowledge with colleagues, reported on activities.  Besides, ONHP Employees had the opportunity to become aware of Techniques for English Level Self-Improvement.

The highly anticipated awarding ceremony of ONHP 2013 Translation Contest for “The Best English to Russian Translator in Oil and Gas Engineering” (among ONHP Employees) was served for the dessert. ONHP 2013 Translation Contest was dedicated to ONHP 60th Anniversary and ONHP Bilingual design engineering practice. Within the course of Translation Contest the participants were offered to translate an authentic article taken from Petroleum Technology Quarterly (PTQ) from English into Russian. 

The following employees won a close-fought intellectual battle: Ms. Elena V. SHEINA, Engineer, ONHP Process Engineering Department and Ms. Darya S. LAPTEVA, Engineer, ONHP Construction Engineering (Civil) Department No.2.

The Contest winners were awarded with Honorary Diplomas and audience cheers. All Contest Participants were honored with Letters of Gratitude.

In the spotlight of Solemn Ceremony Final were next year’s objectives and instructions given by Ms. Natalya M. RZHANITSYNA, Translation & Interpreting Group Leader, the Member of Union of Translators of Russia.


29 December 2013