Project of a Petrochemical Complex in Nakhodka under the Control of the World Community

The issues of industrial and ecological safety in Nakhodka, where a petrochemical complex designed by ONHP will be constructed, were discussed by scientists, ecologists, journalists, representatives of the city administration and the staff of the industrial enterprises. Only this year there were about two hundred violations detected at the local plants that could have led to the environmental pollution. The main cause of such problems is the age of plants. Most of them were built 30-40 years ago when the issues of environmental safety were not among the priority questions. But today the situation has changed: before starting construction works companies make a public report about the measures they take to provide the safety of the potential production. “Total control makes customers pay special attention to the ecological component in the executed projects. This is how, thoroughly and in a strict conformity to all regulations, today we are designing a new enterprise, the petrochemical complex of Rosneft Company”, Chief Deputy Head of Nakhodka Administration Boris Gladkikh said, “The complex construction will be based on the results of the newest scientific research with the use of fundamental technologies”. The project of the petrochemical complex construction is carried out by an affiliated company of Rosneft, Eastern Petrochemical Company. The project is developed by ONHP. “The emissions of petrochemical plants can be divided into two big categories: the emissions of organic substances (hydrocarbons) and the emissions of fuel combustion. Modern technologies allow to reduce such emissions by 98% and sometimes 100%”, says Anna Lobyntseva, Head of the Ecology Group of the ONHP, the institute which is currently working on the complex project, “For example, to prevent the emissions from crude storages we use special internal floating roof put over the liquid in the reservoir and preventing the emissions of hydrocarbons in the atmosphere. The emissions of combustion processes can be brought to the safe level by using special burner units, multistage treatment systems and closed flaring systems”. As the conference participants noticed these are not only ethic but also economic reasons that make big companies care about the environment. “Environment does not bring expenses, it brings profit! And we are trying to explain it in our projects”, ex-General Director of ONHP and currently the Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Igor Zuga says. “In petrochemistry emissions mean losing useful raw materials, consequently the use of modern technologies which minimize them is profitable for companies. For all environmental events included in the project of Eastern Petrochemical Company there were used methods already tested at the best world plants. We are absolutely sure about this because if the plant is not certified under the international environmental standards the products of the complex can hardly be integrated in the world market, they will not be competitive”. Igor Zuga explained that the project is controlled not only by Rosneft but also by the international community, it guarantees in some way the future complex safety. “Already now the best world companies work at the project, an independent technical consultant controls the conformity of their work to the world standards and the ready project will also pass the Russian expert checks and their requirements are much stricter than the European ones. We have set an incredibly high level of quality. I don’t know any other facility in Russia of this kind. For example, the purification and treatment facilities for the Eastern Petrochemical Company complex are developed by the French company Degremo which is in the top 10 of the global market. The purification technologies they offer in Russia are unique, it can sound incredible but the outlet water quality will be close to that of drinking one”, Igor Zuga reassumed. Speaking about the results of the conference the participants outline the quality changes of the approaches to the project designing of new enterprises in the city. “I have an impression that our mentality experienced a serious tectonic shift and the environmental problems became the priority ones”, leading scientific officer of the Pacific Institute of Geography, the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Far East Branch, Director of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Migration Processes, Yury Avdeev confessed, “Of course, most enterprises which are now projected to be constructed in the city may seem to be risky enough at first sight. But the approach used, for example, by the project engineers of the petrochemical complex is focused on the ecological and industrial safety. Today we are sure that the city will get not only an important ecological potential but also a friendly environment for people”.

10 September 2012