Government grant in the amount of 6 million rubles in the scope of “Personnel for digital economy” project implementation will be assigned from federal budget to State Funded Educational Institution “Lyceum No. 25” which is an education institution sponsored by ONHP.

As explained in the Lyceum, grant funds will be invested in the implementation of "School of Digital Industry Future Engineers" project. The money will be used to purchase new equipment, software for process engineering, computer science and mathematics, as well as to spread the best practices in teaching process engineering, computer science and mathematics.

ONHP and State Funded Educational Institution “Lyceum No. 25” have been cooperating in the scope of SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY corporate program for more than 15 years, jointly implementing various educational projects, including the development of engineering competencies for lyceum students and introduction of practice-oriented training. Engineers of the company conduct vocational guidance lessons for students. School students have the opportunity to conduct classes together with supervisors in the company Testing Center and implement projects using software products applied in ONHP for design activities. Lyceum students annually undergo summer on-the-job training at the company and participate in Research and Engineering Technology Conferences organized by ONHP. At the X Research and Engineering Technology Conferences “DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION – INNOVATION DRIVER AND KEY TO EFFICIENT MANAGEMENT”, which took place in ONHP on December 7, Lyceum 25 was awarded with a diploma as “The most active conference participant”.

As being highlighted by ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. Zuga, “we are training future engineers using an integrated approach to the formation and development of their professional and personal competencies, such as: adaptability and readiness for changes, ability to work in a team on the project mode basis, get and effectively apply obtained knowledge as well as communication skills”.

Reference note:

The grant has been obtained in the scope of “Development and spread of the best practices in the sphere of educational organizations digital skills formation, implementing educational activity in various educational programs having the best results in teaching such subjects as Maths, Computer Science and process engineering in the frame of Federal Project “Personnel for digital economy” national program “Russian Federation Digital economy”.

10 December 2019