ONHP became the participant of “Personnel of the Future for Regions” federal project, implemented in Omsk Region on the initiative of Governor, Alexander Burkov. As mentors, company's specialists led two teams of high school students who will develop and defend social and economic projects that are important for region development.

The issues of professional training compile a principal part of ONHP social policy. In cooperation with educational organizations and universities, the company implements projects that are currently exclusive for our region. One of such socially significant projects is the corporate program of professional training for engineering personnel “SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY”, which today covers Omsk city and region schools and five universities. The program includes carrying out of the International Scientific and Technical Conference for school and university students. Representatives of business, government and science act as experts and evaluate projects related to the development of industrial region potential, improving the environmental safety of industries and aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment. 

Last year, on ONHP initiative the International Project for Teachers’ Training was started in collaboration with Educare Company (Singapore) and with the support of Omsk Region Government. During the year, more than four thousand Omsk teachers had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the best international teaching practices. According to project participants’ opinions, international methodologies make it possible to form students of the future with such skills as critical and creative thinking, students who “can work in a team, in a project mode, obtain and use information, change their minds together with the industry where they work both in terms of professional and personal competencies.”  

“Personnel of the Future for Regions” initiative belonging to Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI)  is aimed at formation and development of leadership teams comprised of active, ambitious and unindifferent students who are able and willing to engage in design and implementation of social and economic projects important for the region. This corresponds to the tasks that the company has been setting for more than 15 years. Therefore, ONHP specialists are actively involved in ASI project. Two high school students teams (out of 20) for several months will be developing projects of social and economic importance for the region.  

30 July 2019