A test center uniting three directions of laboratory testing was established in ONHP. The center got an official conclusion of Federal State-Funded Institution “State center of standardization, metrology and testing of Omsk region” and currently unites geotechnical lab, construction testing control lab and instrumentation control lab.

ONHP test center is one of the most developed beyond the Urals and is offering a wide range of laboratory testing using new and precision equipment.

ONHP test center performs works related to laboratory testing of soils (physical and mechanical properties) and ground water in the scope of engineering and geological testing, soil analysis for agrochemical characteristics and chemical pollution. Conducted laboratory testing is regulated by SNiP and is performed in accordance with established GOST.

Moreover, the center performs sampling and laboratory analysis of construction materials, buildings inspection, strength and integrity analysis including ultrasonic method, corresponding conclusions of the technical state are issued as a result of such testing.  

17 September 2018