ONHP delegation headed by company CEO Mr. Igor M. Zuga visited a number of leading companies representing petrochemical complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Atyrau Refinery LLP was among the companies visited by ONHP CEO. ONHP has been cooperating with this Refinery for about 20 years. In this period of time, ONHP engineers completed a wide range of projects including a large-scale modernization project. ONHP engineers have designed Deep Oil Refining Complex including 16 process units, U&O facilities for Aromatics complex and many others. High quality of projects completed by ONHP is also confirmed by the positive conclusions of the Kazakhstan State Expertise.

During the visit to facilities built following the design performed by ONHP a range of opportunities for further cooperation was discussed.  Mr. Igor M. Zuga is sure that cooperation with Kazakhstan companies shall be developed in various directions, including engineering personnel training programs. In particular, during the visit to Atyrau Refinery, the parties reached an Agreement to undertake an internship at ONHP office for the students of Atyrau University of Oil and Gas, which is preparing specialists for the RK oil and gas sector companies.

05 November 2019