On December 07, 2018 a solemn Anniversary Event dedicated to the 65th Anniversary since ONHP foundation was held in the Concert Hall of Omsk Philharmonia. Representatives of region Government, Omsk Administration, Omsk City Council and numerous Russian and foreign partners congratulated ONHP on such occasion. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO congratulated employees and their family members with this important date.

Leaders of Russian companies and organizations, Member of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, foreign partners from USA, Italy, China, South Korea, Serbia, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore and from the CIS countries expressed greetings and congratulation to ONHP team.  On the occasion of Anniversary, most hard-working ONHP employees were awarded with Recognition Certificates issued by Omsk Region government and Letters of Appreciation by Omsk Region Governor.

Gala Night held in the Concert Hall was a bright completion of an Anniversary year, filled with various events that will live forever in ONHP chronicle.

EPC-project at Omsk refinery was announced to be the most significant one in the passing year.  For ONHP this type of activity is a new direction thoroughly studied by the company for more than one year, systematically expanding the range of professional competencies. As a result of longstanding work, today ONHP already shares project implementation expertise. In October 2018, Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, presented applied experience in managing EPC-projects to colleagues at V Project Management in Oil Refining and Petrochemistry Conference held in Frankfurt.

For ONHP 2018 was the year of digitization. On the request of Gazprom Neft JSC, ONHP specialists successfully completed a “pilot” project creating a digital information model of the unit at Omsk Refinery. With the mastered technology the company systematically goes from creating a digital model of a facility to creating “digital twins” of plants, implementing an integrated approach to digitalization of production. This autumn ONHP representatives demonstrated the technology of creating a digital plant (Digital Enterprise), the digitalization process of any industrial facility at various stages of life cycle, as well as the integration of all existing systems into a digital asset at the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum.

On December 6, 2018, upon ONHP initiative and with the support of Omsk Region Government, IX International Research and Engineering Technology Conference "Digital Transformation – Innovation Driver and Key to Effective Management" was held in Omsk. The event brought together world leaders in the development and implementation of technologies in various industries, transportation and business. Top management who came to the Conference shared their experience in digital transformation of industrial assets, digitalization of living space, project and technology management. The topics discussed at the sections were digitalization tools, modernization of oil and gas production and processing companies as well as EPC-project management. 43 reports were presented at the Conference, including 2 video reports: from RATE President and CEO, Mrs. Mahin Rameshni (USA) and a specialist of ONHP-Balkans branch, Tiana Carapic (Serbia), as well as a video message received from Mike Tiruman, Chairman of EDUCARE INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANCY PTE LTD (Singapore).

The technical visit to ONHP was one of the landmark events of the outgoing year. It was held in the scope of IV Downstream Russia 2018: Construction and Modernization of Oil Refineries, Gas Processing and Petrochemical Plants Conference. More than a hundred managers and representatives of leading oil and gas processing companies, manufacturers of equipment and materials, developers of technologies and software products from Russia, CIS and other countries participated in the discussion dedicated to digitalization and improving the efficiency of the management system organized by ONHP together with Gazprom Automatizatsiya JSC.

In the Anniversary year, ONHP team received high awards on numerous occasions. Thus, at the International Arctic Summit, the President of the Arctic Academy of Sciences, Professor, Mr. Valery B. Mitko handed the Diploma to ONHP, noting high professionalism and company contribution into implementation of Russian onshore projects, as well as success in the development of new technologies and technical solutions that increase environmental safety of facilities.

According to the results of XIV All-Russian Contest for the best design, survey and similar profile companies, the Construction Ministry of the Russian Federation awarded ONHP with a 3rd degree Diploma.

In addition, during the year many ONHP employees were repeatedly awarded with Certificates of Honor, Letters of Appreciation at the federal and regional level that is a confirmation of the high professionalism and competence of our specialists.

Active social orientation of company also received recognition from regional authorities. For ONHP participation in socially valuable and charitable activities improving the quality of training highly qualified engineering personnel, Omsk Region Government awarded the Honorary Diploma to Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, who initiated implementation of International Educational Project dedicated to the training of teachers in Omsk region. 160 school principals and teachers from Omsk city and region took part in ONHP and Educare International Consultancy (Singapore) project. Finally, 21 teachers received tutor certificates giving them right to share with other Omsk teachers world leading pedagogical practices.   

“I am fully satisfied with the results of educational project which was started here. All over the world people are wondering what professions will be maintained in 20 years and what will primary school students do in the future. In the scope of Educare project implementation, we, Omsk citizens, do not just follow world leading trends, we enrich them by contributing our experience and expertise and in this way become co-authors of advanced educational practices. This is the base of cultural exchange. This is the principal condition of scientific and engineering progress: when people think what will happen in the future”, says ONHP CEO.

This year ONHP experimentation center combining three directions got an official conclusion of RF Rosstandard; the company entered the chart of the largest tax payers and was included in the list of top-ranked engineering companies. All above mentioned is just a little portion of events filling the life of the company within this year.

2018 is a year of new projects, reliable partners and new strategic clients; a year of rich corporate company life and young professionals meetings with veterans. Thanks to their professionalism, the largest oil refining and petrochemical companies were built in our country and abroad. 2018 is the replenishment of ONHP team with young professionals, is the year of traditions: sports competitions, Saturday clean-up days, corporate events, theater premieres, participation in the marathon and many other important and interesting events.  


10 December 2018