The discussion of project aimed at the revamp of city square located on Petukhova Boulevard (behind Crystal Shopping Mall) was held in ONHP head office. ONHP engineers, community leaders and representatives of education institution, business authorities and officials, elected officials and representatives of mass media participated in the meeting. The proposed option for public square improvement was approved by attendees and will be implemented by ONHP together with Gazprom Avtomatizatsiya JSC.

The revamp concept was developed by ONHP engineers and stipulates a city recreational area behind Crystal Shopping Mall with children playgrounds, areas for sport activities (equipped with outdoor training facilities), landscaping and hard landscaping. The idea for square modernization was earlier supported by city administration and requires the approval of Omsk citizens.

Residents of apartment houses adjacent to the square, representatives of “City Decides” public organization and Kindergarten No.283 located in the area to be reconstructed, owners of Crystal Shopping Mall, deputies of Omsk City Council, representatives of Mass Media and members of Omsk Division of Non-government organization “All-Russia Local Administration Council” participated in the discussions. Proposed concept was generally supported by meeting attendees. Each participant during the meeting had a chance to share his opinion or propose ideas for the project. Keen interest in joint execution of a project demonstrated Crystal Shopping Mall owners. Due to forthcoming revamp the deputies of Omsk City Council intend to apply for allocation of funds to a city hall for the revamp of houses facades, arranged along Petukhova Boulevard.

According to ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, the project is being implemented in the scope of Cooperation Agreement, concluded between the company and city administration and is an ONHP social investment in Omsk city development and improvement.

“It is a first meeting of such type, demonstrating that we share same goals – to make our native city a better place. This square shall become a point of attraction and the center of Refinery neighborhood development. We tried to consider the suggestions of each particular member. It goes without saying that it’s very important for us to share the same point of view with Omsk citizens and deputies as well as business representatives, understanding that city environment directly influence business development”, highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA. 

This project shall be completed by the Day of Refinery and Gas Industry Workers to be celebrated in the beginning of September. ONHP partner for the square revamp will be Gazprom Avtomatizatsiya JSC. 

17 May 2019