Self-guided robot removing garbage, detected with the help of special sensors, from Omsk streets. Does it sound like a science fiction? Not anymore. An automated platform for cleaning and environmental monitoring of garbage was developed by Omsk school student, Mrs. Albina BRATUKHINA. The robot was successfully tested at IX International Research and Engineering Technology Conference "Digital transformation – innovation driver and key to efficient management", organized by ONHP.

IX International Research and Engineering Technology Conference was held at Omsk Regional Business Incubator with the support of regional Ministry of Economics. More than 100 school and university students from city and region took part in the event. About 40 reports and scientific researches were provided for the experts attention. The conference started with plenary session where ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M.ZUGA addressed the participants.

-Today you are the driving force, those who create the future and the shape of future fully depends on you and on your wish to control changes and to change by improving yourself through continuous education, - said ONHP CEO in his speech addressed to generation NEXT.

The conference was conducted by sessions. Subjects of reports and scientific developments varied significantly. Students covered the topics starting from creating digital basis for monitoring and forecasting human impact up to revamping existing Omsk petrochemical complexes and determining the typical defects and damages of building.

Topics raised by school students at the conference were of the same importance level. Experts having an opportunity to compare works of previous years with reports and scientific developments announced at the conference, highlighted that level of the reports keep on rising and more and more works have applicable nature.  For example, Mr. Evgeniy BOYARNIKOV, Grade 8 student of Budgetary General Education institution of Omsk Region Multidisciplinary Educational Center for Talent Development No. 117 for several years has been studying the impact of mobile phone on quail offspring. Mrs. Tatyana FROLOVA, Grade 10 student of Budgetary general education institution Lyceum No. 147 has been working hard to create electronic watch based on Arduino software and hardware system. Many students do their first scientific discoveries being guided by experienced specialists of Omsk.

The robot monitoring the level of city pollution, looking for garbage and cleaning it from the streets was developed by Albina BRATUKHINA, Grade 10 student of Budgetary general education institution, Gymnasium No. 139 guided by OmGTU professors. Many robot details were produced on 3D printer. Both experts and participants of the conference with great interest studied this wonder-machine.  According to Albina, the robot will be further improved. But even today it can move perfectly and find garbage.  

As a result of the conference all participants were awarded with Certificates.  Students, with the best reports, were awarded with diplomas in various nominations.

For the first time, ONHP established special prize for school students from section “Oil and Gas. Big chemistry. Ecology”. Five students from Omsk city and region got certificates to attend master-classes in ONHP Testing center.

Moreover, Larisa MARINENKO, Grade 10 student of Budgetary general education institution “Gymnasium No.1” (Kalachinsk) and chemistry teacher received a gift from ONHP – a set of chemical glassware for school chemistry lessons.

10 November 2018