ONHP employees traditionally hold professionally-oriented lessons in Omsk schools in the scope of “SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY” staff training program. This year, for the first time, such lessons will be held in Kormilovsk, Kalachinsk and Okoneshnikovo district schools, which signed Cooperation agreements with ONHP.

"SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY- COMPANY" program is an element of ONHP personnel policy. More than 40 schools in the region and five universities participate in the program. 80 students are annually enrolled for internship. In the course of the lessons, the children get information about engineering profession, what skills and knowledge they need to have in order to be admitted in university for engineering faculty, learn about company structure and main activities. High school students get acquainted with faculties, university specialties and profiles as well as with ONHP activity.

A detailed acquaintance with profession takes place during an internship. Children get an opportunity to try various disciplines. In the course of on-the-job-training students work with software products, pass courses in drawing, study technical English and master chemistry at Testing Center.

Up to 70% of the program participants enter engineering specialties in technical universities and study at ONHP basic faculties.

Point of view

“I am a graduate of this program. I came to the company for the first time as a school student to pass summer on-the-job-training,” says Mrs. Lyudmila SHEVELEVA, Group Leader in ONHP production department, and in 2018 Master's Degree Student. “I started giving career guidance lessons when I was a Sibadi student. Every year students get more interested in engineering professions. They listen more attentively and ask the right questions. This is also influenced by the positive experience of students who underwent internship in our company.  They share impressions and knowledge with their classmates, raising interest in the profession of an engineer”.

“Very often the students hear for the first time what we tell them during the lessons. Today information technologies are not a surprise for anyone. However, when I tell students about opportunities given by IT, about application of BIM- technologies, about different SW for the design – they sit and listen very carefully,” says Mr. Andrey Zanin, ONHP Engineer.  “They start to understand that it is very perspective, that technologies are the future, start to demonstrate keen interest: Where can I learn that? What university shall I chose? Therefore, our main task is to raise interest among students.”


22 April 2019