Students from Belgrade University are undergoing internship at ONHP Serbian branch. Company engineers working both in Omsk and in Belgrade (Serbia) become their tutors for this period.

This year, three Serbian students came to ONHP to apply the knowledge gained during studying at the university. Students practice in the framework of the signed Agreement on cooperation between ONHP and Belgrade University, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy.

ONHP Serbian branch was established in 2009 to implement projects in JSC Gazprom Neft division - NIS a.d. Novi Sad.

Regardless of the region, ONHP is always at the forefront of important social events. The corporate program for engineering personnel training called “SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY” has been successfully implemented in educational organizations of Serbia for several years, confirming its effectiveness. Graduates of the program work in ONHP branch and other companies of the Republic petrochemical complex.  

15 August 2019