ONHP engineers: ready, steady, go! [Photo-report]

Sports warm-up accompanied by lively music became one of the brightest events of the Marathon opening ceremony. Flash mob for ONHP employees, partners from Gazprom Automation and all guest and participants was conducted by professional fitness coach Natalia KOKHAN.

The sport holiday was also attended by children and their parents. The youngest participant of the flash mob has just turned 2 years! All kids received ONHP souvenirs made in corporate style. In exchange, the big poster with children’s paintings became counter gift for parents.



ONHP team headed by Mr. Igor M. Zuga, company CEO and Deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Omsk Region, took a starting position in the forefront. Gazprom Automation, ONHP partner, also participated in SIM-2019.


This year, ONHP once again proved the status of the most creative and friendly team. 




05 August 2019