ONHP digital transformation: from hype to real actions

On December 06, 2018, IX Research and Engineering Technology Conference "Digital Transformation – innovation driver and key to effective management" will be held in Omsk upon ONHP initiative with the support of Omsk Region Government. The event will be attended by representatives of federal and regional authorities, members of scientific society, world leaders in the development and implementation of technologies in various industries, Russian and foreign EPC-companies and heads of global petrochemical companies. At the moment, registered Conference participants include representatives from Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Italy, Serbia, China, South Korea and USA.

How is digital transformation being implemented? What do CEOs think about digitalization? What role does BIM and digitalization factor play in construction? Are leading companies ready for changes or not? What role does government play in this process? In which spheres are digital technologies mostly effective? These and many other questions participants and experts will discuss in the course of IX Research and Engineering Technology Conference "Digital Transformation – innovation driver and the key to effective management".

ONHP initiative was approved and supported by Omsk Region Government. The event will take place at the regional Omsk ExpoCenter in less than two weeks. For ONHP it is already the ninth Research and Engineering Technology Conference, which is conducted in the scope of Corporate University scientific and practical activities. However, for the first time the event will be held under the auspices of Omsk Region Government. This fact confirms, first of all, that a given topic is of a key priority for the region.

Currently, about 200 delegates have registered for the conference. The event will start with Plenary Session with participation of representatives of federal and regional authorities, science and business. The Governor of Omsk Region, Mr. Alexander Burkov will address the delegates with a welcoming speech.

The leading oil and gas companies of the country are at the forefront of “digit” integration in Russia. They set trends, change business models, increase the efficiency of company activities and demonstrate by means of real projects that digital transformation is no longer a HYIP, but a requirement of time.

The conference is an opportunity for each participant to speak out loud, share experience and exchange views and opinions. During the event, several sections will be conducted and a number of Agreements will be signed. The interest in the event and the geography of participating companies only confirms that today Omsk region does not just follow the trends, but goes one step ahead. Today we are successfully implementing things which others would just start dreaming about tomorrow.

23 November 2018