ONHP congratulates with a Global Day of Engineers!

Today is Wednesday 23. Do you know what is significant about this date? This day is marked in the calendar as a Global Day of Engineers.

We advise you to flip through an engineer calendar and you will find out that engineers are praised and honored in different parts of the world.  

Engineer’s Day underlines a vital role that people of this profession play in life of any society. They are in the front row of innovations and create a changing model solving complicated issues which the mankind constantly faces. They stimulate and improve the world around us, making our life safer and more comfortable. Professional engineers often act as trusted and ethic leaders.

The year starts with a Kid Inventors’ Day, and is followed by the Russian Engineer Troops professional holiday celebrated on January 21.

The coming Saturday Engineer’s Day will be held in Panama. And even in a small country of Luxemburg Engineers will be praised on February 8.

Engineer's Day in USA is celebrated on Week of February 22 and encompasses George Washington's birthday

Engineer's Day in Iran will be celebrated on the last Sunday of February, February 24, to respect an Iranian scientist Nasir al-Din al-Tusi.

Professional Engineer’s Day starts in Canada on March 01 and it’s only the beginning. This holiday is celebrated in Canada all month long.


Engineer's Day in Croatia is celebrated on March 02 as a tribute to the date in 1878 on which first association of engineers was established.

Engineering Week in the UK in 2019 will be held on the week from March 02 to March 08.

Engineer’s Day in Greece, held on March 10, is known across the engineering student community as "Chiplunkar Chanera Group".

Every year on the third Wednesday of March Engineer's Day is celebrated in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

On Sunday, April 7, Engineer’s Day is celebrated in Jordan (Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) founded in 1953).

In Bangladesh, Puerto Rico and Chile this day is celebrated in May.

In Taiwan, Engineer's Day falls on June 6, and on the same day, Engineering Day is celebrated in Argentina. It was established in honor of the country's first engineer, Luis Uergo.

In the same month, engineers from Peru and Italy celebrate their professional holiday. Engineer's Day in Argentina is celebrated in honor of the events of 1985 and is considered the birthday of modern engineering education.

On July 23, Engineer’s Day is celebrated in Singapore. This event was organized with participation of the Institute of Engineers of Singapore in 2016.

Cadastral engineers of Russia celebrate their holiday on July 24.

In August, engineers from Australia, Dominican Republic, Poland and Colombia celebrate this holiday.

In Mauritius, this day is celebrated in September.

The same month, Engineer’s Day was established in India as a remarkable tribute to the greatest Indian Engineer Bharat Ratna Sir Mokshagundam Vishweshvaraya (popularly known as Sir MV).

In the end of October, the Day of Mechanical Engineer will be held in Russia.

In November, Engineer’s Day will be celebrated in Portugal.

In Brazil, Engineer’s Day was established on December 11, 1933, when Law No. 23.659 regulated the Engineer, Architect and Surveyor professions.

Engineer's holiday takes a special place in the calendar. This view is supported by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (World Federation of Engineering Organizations or WFEO). The profession, qualification and position of engineers is a separate topic, but you must admit that the chief or leading specialist on site, lead engineer and any company engineer - they all perform one of the key duties.

Professional engineers are engineers of our future. Profession of “Engineer” includes many areas, for example, mechanical engineers and process engineers, design engineers and structural engineers, HSE engineers, as well as mining and construction engineers, electrical engineers and communication engineers, chemical engineers and software engineers, space engineers and military engineers, environmental engineers and estimating engineers, road and structure engineers, service engineers and operating engineers, etc.

We wish engineers of all spheres and specialties good luck in all endeavors on every calendar day - whether it is a working day or a day off! Let creative success be always with you!



23 January 2019