ONHP young professionals together with affiliated school students and representatives of nonprofit organizations participated in the Saturday Cleanup Day held in Chkalovsky region.

For more than 15 years ONHP cooperates with educational, public and veterans’ organizations located in Chkalovsky region of Oktyabrski district. This area includes 11 affiliated schools, kindergartens and other social facilities tied with ONHP by long-tern partnership and friendship.

Every spring ONHP cleanup team comprised of young professionals develop and improve affiliated area. This year is not an exception. School students and professionals equipped with proper appliances, garbage bags and gloves cleaned the rubbish, withered grass and fallen leaves, gathered twigs and swept the footpaths along Ponomarenko street mini-park adjacent to the Orphanage No.3. Students of affiliated schools, representatives of nonprofit organizations and veterans willingly participated in the clean-up campaign aimed at city cleaning from rubbish together with ONHP professionals.

15 May 2018