ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA took part in the II All-Russia Forum “International companies model”. The Forum is organized by Association of International companies modelling together with OmGU n.a. F.M. DOSTOEVSKY.

The Forum target is to involve young people into solving of up-to-date humanity problems. The main questions of International companies this year became significant global issues such as terrorism, social and economic crisis in Venezuela, opposition between Iran and USA, sanctions, migration, global security, oil export and mankind health.

Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO took active part in the forum, communicated with Omsk youth and shared ONHP long-term experience of interacting with leading international companies.

XXI century gifted us many new tools for communication. I am sure that all of you are successfully using most of them. But you should never forget that personal communication will always be on top. At the forum you can master the most important quality, the quality which will help you reach success- development of creative and critical thinking, cooperation skills and skills of working as a team. I sincerely wish you success and don’t forget that cultural and information exchange is the principal basis for scientific and technical progress. Therefore, while discussing humanistic and social problems, you need to find also a place to discuss technical side of the future”- said Mr. Igor M.ZUGA during his speech to forum participants.

ONHP CEO was awarded with a Letter of Appreciation for significant contribution into the development of public diplomacy of Omsk region and support during the Forum.

31 October 2018