On the eve of May 09, ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA congratulated his colleagues with the Victory Day.

Dear Colleagues,

Please accept my congratulations with the Victory Day. The holiday which has always been, is and will be the most precious and sacred for each family and for our vast country in general.

Victory Day is the public holiday of pride and eternal never-fading memories.

The generation of winners is passing away, but the feeling of freedom and happiness of victory over the global evil stays with us.

Today the great-grandchildren of winners are the ones to keep the memories. Several decades have passed since the time of that dreadful war.

Our generation, same as generation before,  treasures valor, honor, commitment to duty, well-being of our family members and all those people whose destinies we feel responsible for.

From the bottom of my heart let me wish you, your nearest and dearest sound health, well-being, peace and prosperity.

Happy Victory Day!


08 May 2019