Next phase of international educational project is about to start in ONHP

Fourth phase of international educational project aimed at Omsk teachers professional development with participation of Educare International Consultancy supported by ONHP is about to start in Omsk Region. Singapour tutors will conduct live sessions in Omsk and Omsk Region schools participating in the program and methodological coaching sessions for teachers of these educational institutions. Twenty out of eighty teachers participating in Professional Development Program will get a qualification of trainer and certificates giving a right to train by International Educational Program other Omsk teachers.    

International educational project for professional development of teachers and leaders of educational institutions is implemented in the region upon the initiative of Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO and Chairman of Omsk Region Subdivision “All Russian Council of Local Administration” LLC. The project is supported by Omsk Region Governor, Mr. Alexander BURKOV, which called this project an innovational investment into Omsk education.  

ONHP has been cooperating with Omsk schools for a long time implementing “School-University-Company” Program. Participating in international educational project, the company wants to increase the quality of personnel training in Omsk region, which complies with the tasks of Government in educational sphere.  

Fourth live phase of Program for professional development of Omsk city and region educational institutions teachers and leaders will begin on October 25, 2018. Singapour tutors will come to Omsk and will visit dozens of schools of Omsk city and region to see how Omsk tutors apply obtained knowledge in real life and how they use skills received in the first phases of the program held in Omsk from august 13 till 18 with participation of the President of Singapour Council of teachers Mr. Mike Tiruman.

The program stipulates that teachers trained under the Program in September shall prepare video records of their lessons. Therefore, tutors had an opportunity to get acquainted with the results of work of Omsk teachers remotely and establish a preliminary chart of the best works whose lessons shall be attended at the live phase of the courses in October. In addition to participation in the lessons foreign teachers will conduct methodological coaching sessions in schools.

Based on the results of session work, 20 Omsk teachers will be selected with whom Singapore tutors will continue collaboration. Intensive trainings will be held at ONHP site starting from October 29 till November 03, 2018. At the final phase on November 6-7, Omsk teachers who want to get a coach certificate will conduct their first trainings in Omsk schools with participation of Singapore supervisors.

23 October 2018