ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA conducted a meeting with Young Professionals and Students Councils. In the spotlight of the discussion were professional growth, leadership qualities and cross-functional cooperation skills.

Young Professionals and Students Councils are one of the company subdivisions cultivating future ONHP engineers with top priority goals including implementation of measures aimed at adaptation, prof-advancement and pro-leadership approach among ONHP young professionals.

Moreover, Council members actively participate in ONHP corporate life, cooperate with ONHP Veterans Council and pay due attention to socially-oriented city and regional projects. ONHP takes into account generation Y motivation and establish favorable conditions for personal and professional development.

“Leadership is the most important tool for company flourishing and personnel management, especially if we are talking about large-scale companies”, highlights Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, “Successful companies are those companies where leadership is among corporate values. The development of leadership skills inside the company starts with personal contribution of each particular member and self-motivation for further promotion”.

During the meeting with Young Professionals, ONHP CEO paid special attention to this aspect as one of the crucial competitive advantages of ONHP.

-The time when top-down leadership structure ensured success is passing by. It is not important anymore which position the person is taking. The true leader must not only fulfill his obligations but also think what additional activities he can perform. A true leader must know how to inspire and motivate people, how to encourage them for better performance. It means that every employee and every subdivision shall work effectively using creative approach and feeling the desire to go beyond job functions.

20 May 2019