Mr. Victor RYABOV Becomes an Honorary Citizen of Omsk City

On December 18, at the last Meeting of Autumn Session the Deputies of Omsk City Council concluded to assign a title of Honorary Citizen of Omsk city to Mr. Victor RYABOV, General Director of National Petroleum Refiners and Petrochemists Association and director of Omsk Oil Refinery (since 1955 till 1976).

Assignment of such a title to Mr. Victor RYABOV was initiated in the City Council by Mr. Alexander Dyukov, Chairman and Gazprom Neft JSC General Director, Mr. Igor ZUGA, Member of the Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Mr. Oleg BELYAVSKIY, Gazpromneft–Omsk Oil Refinery JSC General Director and OMSKNEFTEKHIMPROEKT JSC (ONHP) top-management.

By City Council decision, the title was assigned “For significant personal contribution into social and economic development and prosperity of Omsk city, improvement of city prestige and consolidation of Russia reputation in international stage”. Mr. Victor RYABOV became the first representative of petroleum refining industry among Honorary Citizens of Omsk city.

Mr. Igor ZUGA comments on such decision:

“I would like to congratulate oil refiners and petrochemists not only of Omsk region but of the whole Russia on such a significant event. Oil refining and petrochemical spheres are the core of country’s economy. Assignment of the title “Honorable citizen of Omsk city” to Mr. Victor RYABOV is the sign of appreciation for services to the whole petrochemical complex of Omsk region”.

“I am grateful to top-management of Gazprom Neft JSC, Gazpromneft–Omsk Oil Refinery JSC, Major of Omsk city, Deputies of City Council and to industry veterans for collaborative work. Personal contribution of Mr. Victor RYABOV into the development of national oil-refinery industry and Omsk city is of great value. Development of Omsk Oil Refinery and Petroleum Refiners neighborhood (so-called Neftyanik town) enhanced drastically throughout the years while Mr. Victor RYABOV took his position. Comprehensive infrastructure of Neftyanik town was arranged during the management of Mr. RYABOV. Residential houses, sport complexes, cultural and educational institutions were built within this period. His life journey deserves sincere respect and recognition. Omsk, Omsk region and the whole Russia is proud of such people”, highlighted Mr. Igor ZUGA, the Russian Senator.   



18 December 2013