The Federation Council discussed the preparation of Russian Arctic Region Development Strategy till 2035. The meeting was attended by Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, member of the Arctic and Antarctic Expert Council under the Federation Council.

“As one of the priorities for the development of the Russian Federation Arctic Region, it is proposed to additionally highlight the necessity to switch to integrated planning of the coastal waters and coastal areas development” Igor Zuga emphasized in an interview with ONHP press service, “almost all directions of the Russian Federation Arctic Region development are directly or indirectly connected with the implementation of the offshore activities. The current Strategy for the development of the Russian Federation offshore activities till 2030 stipulates, as one of the priorities, the transition to integrated planning for the development of coastal areas and coastal waters with their separation into a unique combined facility of state administration. Given the importance of the offshore activities for the Arctic Region development, it is advisable to determine for the coastal subjects of the Russian Federation that are parts of the Arctic Region the specific tasks in this direction namely to develop and implement coastal-sea components with the strategies for the socio-economic development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and development programs for coastal municipalities taking into account the specifics of Arctic basin." 

In addition, as being highlighted by ONHP CEO, it is important to separately determine in the strategy the necessity to develop and apply urban digitalization technologies in the Russian Federation Arctic Region and introduce smart systems to manage urban infrastructure. It is demonstrated that the supporting settlements of the Russian Federation Arctic Region should be the primary candidates for the introduction of such technologies. This is due to a combination of circumstances such as national security interests, and investment projects planned for implementation in the Arctic which require preservation and restoration of these settlements and infrastructure related to them.   

05 November 2019