World leaders in the development and implementation of technologies in various sectors of industry, transportation and business shared their experience in the transition to the digital format. IX International Research and Engineering Technology Conference "Digital Transformation – Innovation Driver and Key to Effective Management" was held in Omsk upon ONHP initiative and with the support of Omsk Region Government. 172 delegates representing more than 50 companies from Russia, USA, Italy, Serbia, Turkey, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan attended the Conference.

Top managers who came to the Conference presented their best practices in the digital transformation of industrial assets, digitalization of living space, project and technology management. The discussion topics at the sections were digitalization tools, modernization of oil and gas production and processing and EPC project management.

While opening the Conference, Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, emphasized that at least two-thirds of the world economy are in the digital environment, therefore today companies and state readiness to switch to more efficient digital technologies is more relevant than ever.

“The aim of this Conference is not only to present digitalization trends, but also to analyze the most successful practices in detail, to apply them in real life. Omsk region is currently in the trend of forecast expectations”, said ONHP CEO.

“Regional government assesses digitalization as a serious driver in the region development. It was very important to gather not just world leaders in this field, but people who have already developed specific practices. Therefore, we support the initiative of ONHP, Conference host. In the field of public management, “digital” means saving resources, improving the quality of services and, in general, the quality of people life. The government of Omsk region will support the transformation, or, in other words, qualitative changes in economic entities that make Omsk life more comfortable at all levels,” Minister of Economy, Rasim GALYAMOV, assured the audience.

In order to share existing digital practices with Omsk citizens, many foreign participants came to the Conference. 172 representatives of Russian and foreign companies leading in the field of digital transformation of production and economic assets arrived in Omsk. The companies specializing in automation and digital technologies, petro chemistry and engineering as well as technology and equipment suppliers, IT-platform developers, research institutes became the participants of the event.

“After digital transformation, the assets of companies that entered this trend on time grew 10 times. Today, 60% of the largest global market players are afraid of the development of competitors' digital control systems. This fact gives a sharp economic growth. It is not enough to create a unique product and build a system of its sales. You need to monitor the market and constantly be advance of competitors. The transition to digital technologies makes it possible to solve the second and third issues almost automatically,” said Alexander Idrisov, president of Strategy Partners Group, making a speech at the Conference.  

At the end of the Conference, experts highlighted the importance of the event and the necessity of holding such conferences in Omsk region - “such events are powerful incentives for continuous progress of companies and regional economy”.


07 December 2018