Omsk Region Governor, Mr. Alexander Burkov, Education Minister, Mrs. Tatiana Dernova and ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. Zuga met with the participants of International Educational Project, which is being implemented in the region by ONHP initiative with participation of Singapore-based company called Educare.

During the meeting, the first results of the project in Omsk region were summarized and Omsk teachers were awarded with certificates confirming their qualification of coaches and their right to train colleagues independently following international methodology proposed by Educare.

The project was carried out with the assistance of Omsk Region Government and with full financial support of ONHP.  

“We financed this project and for us it was not just sponsorship. It was an investment, and, to be precise, investment in the development of Omsk school. As an employer, I am interested in raising the level of teaching methodology in Omsk schools. And now we need the graduates who in addition to having required knowledge correspond to the level of modern civilization. From year to year the requirements to Russian and Omsk universities graduates are raising and developed intellectual capacities become an absolute requirement. But such base should be formed starting from school, rather than from university. To invest a portion of knowledge is not enough, we need to teach intellectual leadership, flexible thinking, especially in the conditions of modern technological breakthroughs” highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.

The project was attended by leaders and teachers from 40 city and region secondary schools: 24 schools from Omsk and 16 schools from the region. According to Tatyana Gorbunova, rector of the Institute for the Development of Education in Omsk Region, more than four thousand Omsk teachers from Omsk and thirty-one districts of the region underwent training during the project. At the trainings, pedagogical teams of general educational organizations of the region got acquainted with methodology, which primarily helps to structure lessons so that they enable to form 21st century skills among students – 4C skills (“Cooperation” (cooperation), “Communication”, “Critical thinking” and “Creativity”).

The head of the region highly appreciated the project, stressing the importance to teach the child global changes when addressing the teachers.

“It is important that as a result of this project we already have a new generation of teachers. Today, in the condition when economic paradigms are changing at tremendous speed, it is necessary to implement new approaches to educational processes. It is important that this process is continuous, that the child becomes more relaxed, creative, and sociable. We do not know which professions will be in demand in the world in the future. Dozens of professions disappear today while new specialties and new challenges for the child appear. And it is very critical to be mentally ready for this”, stressed Mr. Alexander Burkov.

21 June 2019