ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA took an active part in the XVI Russian-Kazakhstan Interregional Cooperation Forum.

In 2003 Omsk Region became the first one to host Interregional Cooperation Forum between Russia and Kazakhstan. Our region has one of the longest Russian-Kazakhstan borders. Regional proximity and common background predetermined friendly relations between Irtysh Lands and the Republic regions. We have been closely tied by partnership relationship not only in economic sphere, but also in the sphere of culture, education, medicine and sport. Extension of cooperation, elaboration of common actions aimed at more effective cooperation is one of the targets that forum participants face trying to find new areas of common interest during the dispute.

One of the key events of the forum was a Russian-Kazakhstan Business Council Panel Session, where Mr. Igor M. ZUGA made a report. Discussions in the frame of the Business Council Panel Session were united by common topic highlighting “Modern aspects of economic cooperation” aimed at revealing the ways of how to increase the efficiency of cooperation between common states. The Panel Session was attended by representative of industrial and commercial chambers from both countries, business leaders and authorities. Panel session attendees discussed the development of cross-border cooperation, export, cooperation ties and collaboration perspectives in the field of power engineering.

ONHP CEO touched upon the need to harmonize legislation in regards to engineering practice and engineering activity in Eurasian Economic Union, made practical examples, demonstrated differences in Russian and Kazakhstan approaches and indicated possible convergence points. “This work contributes to the development of common mechanisms of interaction, common terminology necessary for harmonization, establishes and consolidates general requirements for the use of terms and systematizes concepts which are important prerequisite for eliminating contradictions”, highlights Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.   

According to Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, the forum is a dialogue platform enabling to reach unanimity of opinions. During the Forum ONHP CEO also conducted a range of important business meetings.

08 November 2019