Игорь Зуга: «Вы - будущая интеллектуальная элита России»

At the end of the school year, ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA met with the children of ONHP employees. School children were happy to share their success in studies and their plans for the future. Some of them, despite their young age, already know exactly what they want for themselves in the future and what they need to do in order to achieve their goal.

Such meetings with the children of ONHP employees are a long-standing kind tradition for the company. Company CEO always manages to find time in his tight schedule to communicate with the children and discuss the results of the school year. The age of meeting participants vary from 7 to 16 years. Children eagerly share their success in school, achievements in sport and art, share dreams and their personal opinion, ask questions related to various topics.  

Mr. Igor M. ZUGA is sure that success in life and leadership skills are formed at a very early age. Company CEO highlighted that a true leader should always be willing to learn something from the better ones and stressed that the leader needs both professional and state-of-art knowledge.

In the end of the meeting school students were awarded with Letters of Gratitude and money rewards from ONHP. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA thanked the children for responsible approach to studies, for being goal-oriented, for the ability to set complicated targets and to solve them without a question. “You are the future Russian intellectual elite. And today not only your parents are proud of you, our company and the whole Omsk Region share such pride. You are Omsk citizens and now with your responsible attitude towards education you make a significant contribution in the future of the region and the country in general”, highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA.


17 June 2019