ONHP Construction Management Department confidently continues implementing construction project at Omsk Refinery several facilities and congratulates construction contractors, ONHP civil engineers and all the people involved into construction industry on their professional holiday, Builder's Day.
This holiday was historically established after corresponding Decree of the USSR Supreme Soviet Presidium was signed on September 6, 1955, resulting from Soviet government inspiration by success and achievements within the construction period of Zhigulevskaya Hydro Power Plant.
The next day newspapers wrote that " ... in construction, prefabricated structures and elements should be widely used and it would seriously reduce labor costs and enable switching to industrial rails…”
Challenges of that time mainly predetermined the priority of construction industry.
Builders’ labor has always been called constructive, and even today it has been still driven by engineers’ innovative approach.
It is consistency, mutual penetration and active integration which ensure overall success.
Construction success greatly depends on the accuracy of calculations and quality of engineering solutions developed by civil engineers of Engineering Department.
Current example is CDU/VDU, DCU and DCC Flare System at Gazpromneft-Omsk Refinery.
Project Design documentation, flow chart and engineering calculations were performed by ONHP engineers.
Flare tower has become the tallest one at Omsk Refinery and, without exaggeration, one of the tallest flares at the Russian oil refineries.
Another unique feature of the flare system is the combined flare of three process units.
ONHP is proud that construction was performed in compliance with its own Project Design documentation, where key priority is to ensure reliable and safe operation of Gazpromneft new production facilities at Omsk Refinery.
Another planned flare ignition this August will once again confirm its full operational availability.
Flare start-up will enable beginning basic commissioning works at new process units.
EPC project implemented by ONHP loudly speaks for the full-fledged status of the full-cycle engineering company: from concept to operation.
Construction Management Department established in ONHP just a few years ago has proven its viability and competence.
Let the work be done without any issues and accepted easily and in due time!
Happy Professional Holiday, dear colleagues.

09 August 2020