Campaign organized by ONHP to support Okoneshnikovo Region Library will help to recover book stock destroyed by the fire.

By now, ONHP engineers have gathered hundreds of books for the library fund. Charity event is conducted by ONHP together with Omsk Regional Department of All-Russia Nonprofit Organization Division “All-Russia Local Government Council”, cooperating with the company for more than 10 years.  One of the main tasks of such joint activity is to raise the quality of education in the region by various means, including participation in charity projects. Books gathered in this campaign will be delivered to rural library in May.

Reading culture in ONHP is very high and company engineers pay special attention to books. ONHP library established in 1953 (in the year of company foundation) unites 2 funds: scientific & technical documentation and scientific & technical literature, which are growing on daily basis and, as of today, exceed 50 thousand copies. ONHP engineers have access to the most up-to-date books related to various company activities. In great demand are periodic professional editions including foreign ones like ENR, Offshore Engineering, PETROLEUM TECHNOLOGY QUARTERLY, Hydrocarbon Engineering, LNG Industry, WaterWorld, WorldPipelines and many others.

Library stock consists of a range of unique and rare editions dated 1920. Therefore, chronological depth reaches 100 years.

At the same time, company library is not just book storage. One of the key functions is knowledge management. The library provides opportunities for continuous professional development and gives access to required information.

It should be highlighted that despite significant amount of digital editions in ONHP library, printed books and journals are always in high demand.

Therefore, feeling the depth of cultural and educational role a library traditionally plays being a center of knowledge for book lovers, company employees gathered books for Okoneshnikovo Region Library with great care.

And let the second life, granted to each book given with the best intentions to the library suffered from fire, give happiness and expertise to its readers!


24 April 2019