New phase of International educational project for professional development of city and region teachers with participation of Educare International Consultancy (Singapore based) was launched in ONHP. Among 80 participants of the program 21 teachers went to the next phase of training. “We launch a new phase of our educational project being sure that such programs are necessary for our region. We make this breakthrough for all of you and with all of you. You do something much more important than just undergo the training: you get the most successful practices from the world's experience, you enrich them and contribute to this advanced methodologies” – highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO and Initiator of this educational project at the opening of new phase.

The program is being implemented in Omsk Region with full financial support of ONHP. The company for more than 15 years has been successfully cooperating with Omsk schools, implementing “School-University-Company” program. By participating in this international educational project, ONHP hopes to raise the quality of staff training in Omsk region which goes in parallel with Government tasks in the sphere of education. As being highlighted by Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, “these are our investments in the most perspective sphere - in education, and it means that these are our investments in the training of potential specialists of Omsk companies, so this is a project which will be successful with no exceptions”.

The project got the support of Omsk Region Governor, Mr. Alexander Burkov and is being implemented together with the regional Ministry of education. 80 teachers were selected to participate in the project from 40 city and regional schools. 21 teachers were shortlisted for the next phase. The majority of them are representatives of rural region schools. For a week the shortlisted candidates will be undergoing a series of intensive trainings led by Singapore tutors, Ms.  Zakia Bente Mohamed Ali and Mr. Prakasham s/o Tangaveloo. In November, candidates for Coach Certificates will conduct trainings in Omsk Schools with the support of Educare supervisors.

“Only 21 teachers managed to be shortlisted for the fourth phase. These are professionals who demonstrated high level of motivation in application of Singapore methods studied during the summer phase of the program. At first sight it seems that teachers from different regions have nothing in common. But when you look closer, you understand that we are pretty much the same we want our students to be successful. When teachers from different cities and countries start speaking about their profession, no more borders exist between them”, says the President of Singapour Council of teachers Mr. Mike Tiruman, who personally participated in the opening of the fourth phase of the program.  


29 October 2018