Summer on-the-job training in ONHP for Omsk city and region school students has already begun. In two summer months – June and July, 80 senior high school students will get their first professional experience. This year for the first time the internship is attended by Omsk Region students from schools with which ONHP is cooperating in the scope of International Educational Project “XXI Century Education”.

The internship is split into 2 seasons. 40 students will participate in each season. ONHP young professional is assigned for each intern. Within this month the students will not only get familiar with company activity, but also will try their skills in performing assignments from various subdivisions and will start working with software products used for the design. Internship program includes chemistry lessons in ONHP Testing Center and a course in “Chemical school”, which will be announced by the professor of OMGU Chemical Faculty, lessons of technical English, assignments from supervisors and very intense corporate life including sport and cultural events.

This year more than 130 applications for ONHP internship were received from Omsk city and region students. Those high school students who demonstrated the best academic performance, who are active participants of different level of Olympiads demonstrating keen interest and engagement in engineering disciplines were selected. In order to be selected all candidates had to demonstrate high results in corresponding testing. This year for the first time ONHP internship was attended by students from Omsk Region – namely Kalachinsk, Kormilovsk, Sedelnikovo and Omsk Regions which is the next step of International Education Project called “XXI Century Education”, implemented by ONHP in the region together with the government of Omsk Region and Educare company (from Singapore) ref. to link below (

Summer on-the-job training for the students is a part of School-University-Company engineering personnel training program implemented in ONHP for more than 15 years.

06 June 2019