Eco-Friendly ONHP

ONHP Employees with their family as well as company veterans conducted an ecological campaign “Eco-Friendly ONHP”, cleaning the area around the company building and adjacent territory of Soviet Park and Kristal Shopping Mall from garbage.  ONHP eco-troops also treated the area of Kindergarten No. 283 which has been connected with ONHP by long-term friendship relations.

Spring and autumn Saturday clean-up of ONHP neighborhood and adjacent area is a company long-standing tradition. In the anniversary year ONHP employees not just organized a Saturday clean-up, but made a real ecological campaign “Eco-friendly ONHP” with a total treatment not only of the area adjacent to the company but also the areas bordering with Soviet Park and Kristal Shopping Mall. Campaign actions were very vast including territory treatment from garbage and last year leaves, cleaning from mud and dust, washing and painting of walkways, curbs and park fencing. As noted by one of the nearby residents: “Now it’s easier to breath! It has been a long time since we saw such a large scale clean-up!”

Special attention was paid by ONHP employees to the area of Kindergarten No. 283. This pre-school institution is located near ONHP head office. ONHP engineers and preschoolers are old friends. Thanks to young professionals, playgrounds and summer terrace now are shining in new splendor.

Eco-Friendly ONHP campaign was successfully completed with offices cleaning. On top of the event was a splendid mini-exhibition of drawings made by employees’ children who accompanied and assisted their parents during Saturday campaign.

23 May 2018