Congratulations from ONHP for High School’s 50th Anniversary

Budgetary General Education Institution of Omsk city “Secondary General Education School No. 124” has celebrated its 50th Anniversary

On October 25, 2013 the Cultural Center of Krutaya Gorka district (Omsk city) gathered high school graduates, teachers, students and their families. Sincere words of gratitude spread by students as well as congratulations announced by guests were accompanied by gorgeous dance and vocal performances.

On behalf of the entire ONHP staff the honoree was congratulated by HR Department Head, Cand. Sc. (*similar to PhD) in Psychology Ms. Irina M. KARELINA. As the congratulation runs, “Your school’s anniversary is a memorable date not only for you but also a special day for any person in life of whom you’ve played a significant role. Your noble hearts have guided hundreds of students through the tricky path of professional career selection. It is not the desire for marvelous deeds that drives you forward. Your creative approach determines your life choices and encourages your pupils and colleagues. You are the source of inspiration and wisdom affecting the life journey of each and every person who gets the chance to know you. Your fill their lives with kindness, encourage for brave actions, foster self-efficacy and desire to create.”  

Budgetary General Education Institution of Omsk city “Secondary General Education School No. 124” is involved in Training Program “School – University – Company” developed by ONHP. The participants of the Program are 11 ONHP sponsored schools, 18 associate schools, 5 higher education institutes and 1 postsecondary institution of Omsk city. Under the auspice of “School-University-Company” program, ONHP executed an Agreement of Intent with Atyrau Institute of Oil and Gas (Republic of Kazakhstan) and with University of Belgrade (Republic of Serbia). 

29 October 2013