On the eve of professional holiday, Chemical Engineer’s Day, ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA on behalf of Omsk City Mayor, Mrs. Oxana N. FADINA, awarded ONHP engineers with Certificates of Merit and Letters of gratitude.

15 ONHP engineers received such awards. For long-term commitment and excellence in work a Certificate of Merit was awarded to Mrs. Elena ZHILENKOVA, ONHP Ecological & Water Systems Engineering Department Group Leader. Other employees received Letters of gratitude.  Each honoree makes a significant contribution in the development of industry by its professionalism and responsible approach.

Company CEO congratulated all employees with the forthcoming holiday and expressed gratitude for premium quality of performed projects and high competence level.

“Your award is a true appreciation of ONHP personnel professional activities, ONHP contribution in social and economic development of the city, region and country”, highlighted Mr. Igor M. ZUGA in his speech.

Petrochemical industry is a key one for ONHP. Company engineers have designed thousands of complicated facilities in Russia and abroad always ensuring reliability and safety.  


24 May 2019