An annual corporate volleyball tournament was held in ONHP, where 5 teams, namely  “Civil engineers”, ”Planning victory”, “PVK Project”, “SAMI” (Society of Active, Merry and Initiative) and “Engineers Mix” faced each other at the court. Competition for the title of the best ONHP volleyball team was a really big deal.

Opening speech symbolizing the beginning of competition was announced by Mr. Igor M. Zuga, ONHP CEO, who also made the first serve.

Regardless of the weekend, the company employees, friends and family members came to cheer up volleyball players. A serious battle occurred at the court: this time at the court were not just company colleagues, there were real competitors.

Fight for victory in the final match was very intense and exciting, none of the teams wanted to give up. All teams demonstrated uncrushable will, strong character, team spirit and desire to fight till the end. It stands to mention the team of cheerleaders whose support and enthusiasm gave a real boost of energy and inspiration for the players.  

Till the very last moment of tournament no one could guess who would be the winner. As described by the fans, who came to support the players, the tournament was really notable by hard-servings and spectacular hits, complex combinations and unforgettable touches down.

Upon the end of the tournament, the teams were ranked as follows:

"SAMI" team incl. Alexander A. KHOKHLOV, Anastasia Yu. BORODINA, Alexandra S. KIZILOVA, Mikhail S. KAZAKOV, Valentina S. GOPANCHUK, Dmitry A. YURKOV and Sergei S. GINKEL took the 1st place.

“Engineers Mix” team incl. Margarita I. ANTONENKOVA, Tolkyn S. SADBEKOVA, Vyacheslav V. IVANOV, Andrey A. GONCHAROV, Alexey F. DRAGUNOV, Nikolai V. DYAKONOV took the 2nd place.

”Planning victory” team incl. Maksim V. MOROZOV, Vitaliy V. MIRONOV, Vladislav D. OVCHAROV, Victor R. KANUNNIKOV, Alexey K. SEINAS, Valentina T. UMANSKAYA took the 3rd place.

08 May 2018