Summer on-the-job training in ONHP for Omsk city and region school students has already begun. In two summer months – June and July, 80 senior high school students will get their first professional experience. This year for the first time the internship is attended by Omsk Region students from schools with which ONHP is cooperating in the scope of International Educational Project “XXI Century Education”.

06 June 2019

On the eve of professional holiday, Chemical Engineer’s Day, ONHP CEO, Mr. Igor M. ZUGA on behalf of Omsk City Mayor, Mrs. Oxana N. FADINA, awarded ONHP engineers with Certificates of Merit and Letters of gratitude.

24 May 2019

ONHP and University of Belgrade, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy signed a Cooperation Agreement aimed at establishing procedure and terms for Serbian students’ internship in ONHP.

23 May 2019

According to Federal Tax Service of Omsk Region, based on 2018 results ONHP was in TOP-5 of taxpayers engaged in professional, scientific and engineering activities.

22 May 2019

ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA conducted a meeting with Young Professionals and Students Councils. In the spotlight of the discussion were professional growth, leadership qualities and cross-functional cooperation skills.

20 May 2019

The discussion of project aimed at the revamp of city square located on Petukhova Boulevard (behind Crystal Shopping Mall) was held in ONHP head office. ONHP engineers, community leaders and representatives of education institution, business authorities and officials, elected officials and representatives of mass media participated in the meeting. The proposed option for public square improvement was approved by attendees and will be implemented by ONHP together with Gazprom Avtomatizatsiya JSC.

17 May 2019

On the eve of May 09, ONHP CEO Mr. Igor M. ZUGA congratulated his colleagues with the Victory Day.

08 May 2019

By AVEVA invitation ONHP representatives took part in the 11th World Russia and CIS Conference. This year the topic of industrial companies digital transformation united conference participants and became the main focus of their attention.


30 April 2019

On the eve of May 09, ONHP young professionals performed site improvement in Krutaya Gorka Region.

29 April 2019

Campaign organized by ONHP to support Okoneshnikovo Region Library will help to recover book stock destroyed by the fire.


24 April 2019