By AVEVA invitation ONHP representatives took part in the 11th World Russia and CIS Conference. This year the topic of industrial companies digital transformation united conference participants and became the main focus of their attention.


30 April 2019

On the eve of May 09, ONHP young professionals performed site improvement in Krutaya Gorka Region.

29 April 2019

Campaign organized by ONHP to support Okoneshnikovo Region Library will help to recover book stock destroyed by the fire.


24 April 2019

ONHP employees traditionally hold professionally-oriented lessons in Omsk schools in the scope of “SCHOOL-UNIVERSITY-COMPANY” staff training program. This year, for the first time, such lessons will be held in Kormilovsk, Kalachinsk and Okoneshnikovo district schools, which signed Cooperation agreements with ONHP.


22 April 2019

Participation in Total Dictation is an old ONHP tradition. This year about 300 specialists attended Total Dictation 2019 international campaign.

15 April 2019