On the eve of the Chemist’s Day 15 ONHP specialists received Certificates of Appreciation from Omsk Administration for professional achievements and outstanding performance.

30 May 2016

Within Interregional Students Forum which brought together representatives of almost 20 Russian regions Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, had a discussion with the students regarding human resourcing for high-tech companies and integration of science and real economy.

16 May 2016

ONHP demonstrated capabilities to improve school students language competences within the meeting with Russian and English language teachers from the patronized schools. The teachers got acquainted with the company’s Language Policy and discussed the ways of using ONHP experience in school curricula.

13 May 2016

Solemn Awards ceremony for the winners of the 15th (anniversary) ONHP-Chance Creative Works Contest dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Omsk was held at Art Center for children and youth in Oktyabrsky district. More than 300 guests, including children, parents, teachers, students of higher and secondary education institutions attended the celebration arranged by ONHP for Omsk residents.

04 May 2016