ONHP received a letter of gratitude from Ms. Natalia Prozorova, Head of Kindergarten No. 283. On behalf of children, teachers and parents she thanked the company specialists for their help and support.

25 February 2016

In his congratulatory address Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, Chairman of Omsk Regional Division of All-Russian Council of Local Government (All-Russian noncommercial association) emphasized the significance of this holiday for all the menfolk.

20 February 2016

ONHP young professionals will hold career guidance classes for Omsk school students of grades 7 to 10 within the period from February to March. School students will get acquainted with engineership and engineering within the frameworks of “School – University – Company” program focused on training future highly qualified engineers. ONHP has implemented this program in cooperation with secondary and higher education institutions of the region since 2001.

17 February 2016

Today, February 17, ONHP is celebrating its 63th anniversary. Mr. Igor M. ZUGA, ONHP CEO, congratulated the company employees on this occasion.

17 February 2016

ONHP launched creative projects and ideas contest, ONHP - CHANCE, dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Omsk. School and university students, as well as their parents and teachers can take part in this contest.

15 February 2016

On February 14 (next Sunday) ONHP specialists will take part in All-Russian Race “Ski Track of Russia-2016”. Race participants are of different age but their common feature is the love for sports.

12 February 2016

ONHP and SUEZ signed Memorandum of Understanding. Mr. Igor ZUGA, ONHP General Director Ad Interim, and Mr. Samuel FOURNEAUX, SUEZ Business Development Director for Europe and CIS, affixed their signatures to this document. The parties expressed their intents to extend their joint activities and agreed to develop cooperation, including introduction of advanced technologies in the practice of industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation, CIS and other foreign countries.

08 February 2016